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AIIMS and non merit admissions May 25, 2006

Posted by chella in AIIMS, Reservation.

NEW DELHI: The main grouse of AIIMS students – at the forefront of the stir against 27% reservation for OBCs – is that merit is being sacrificed at the altar of votebank politics. But they forget two things: 25% reservation that AIIMS graduates get in PG admission and the Supreme Court judgment of 2001 that declares the earlier system of 33% reservation for them bad in law.
In fact, the SC, while stating that 33% institutional reservation is "unconstitutional", agreed with the findings of the Delhi High Court, which had earlier set aside the reservation.

The HC had found that "AIIMS students, who had secured as low as 14% or 19% or 22% in the (all-India) entrance examination got admission to PG courses while SC or ST candidates could not secure admission in their 15% or 7% quota in PG courses, in spite of having obtained marks far higher than the in-house candidates of the institute." HC had analysed admission data over five years.

The apex court also agreed with the HC that the "figure of 33% reservation for in-house candidates was statistically so arrived at as to secure 100% reservation for AIIMS students. There were about 40 AIIMS candidates. The PG seats being 120, 33% thereof worked out to be 40." That meant all 40 AIIMS graduates were assured of PG seats.

Merit here was clearly being sacrificed, the study showed. For instance, in the January 1996 session, an AIIMS student with 46.167% marks – lowest for an AIIMS student that year – got PG admission.

However, an SC student with the same grades was admitted but denied coveted course such as obstetrics and gynaecology. The SC student got shunted to community while AIIMS students easily won berths in prestigious disciplines.

Twelve AIIMS candidates were selected even though they got less marks than the SC candidate who secured 60.33% marks. Similarly, 16 AIIMS students got admission to PG courses even though they got less marks than another ST student who got 62.16%.

Basing itself on this study, SC said, "Institutional reservation is not supported by the Constitution or constitutional principles." "A certain degree of preference for students of the same institution intended to prosecute further studies therein is permissible on grounds of convenience, suitability and familiarity with an educational environment," it added.

Preferences, the court said, had to be "reasonable and not excessive…Minimum standards cannot be so diluted as to become practically non-existent." In the similar vein, SC said, "It cannot be forgotten that the medical graduates of AIIMS are not 'sons of soil'. They are drawn from all over the country."

The court reasoned that these students had "no moorings in Delhi. They are neither backward nor weaker sections of society. Their achieving an all-India merit and entry in the premier institution of national importance should not bring in a brooding sense of complacence in them".

Extending the damning logic, the court said in preserving quotas for its own students, "the zeal for preserving excellence is lost. The students lose craving for learning."

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com



1. ramnauj - May 27, 2006

So you were oprressed and forced to beg and as a community what are you doing what did you do then and now? You were forced to beg then you continue to beg today the only difference being then you begged to the uppercaste,TODAY YOU BEG TO THE GOVERNMENT, WHICH ONLY WANT TO ENSURE THAT YOU KEEP BEGGING.

Why doesn’t the government do this : every scst/obc:

A) free education immaterial of what he wants to study.
B) free Hostel and canteen facilities.
C) A stipend and free books.
D) reservation in all private coaching classes to undertake 50 per cent free seats.

But at the examnation seats must be purely on the basis of MERIT!
I am sure if the government does this An scst or obc will score as much or more marks than a genereal category and it will all be fair but the governmentr only wants to lower the bar there by ensuring that empowerment and actual improvemnt doesn’t happen understand that.

2. Sonu - May 28, 2006

Nice blog. Please keep presenting the alternative view on reseravation that has been totally ignored by the media and the masses so far.

Also check out.


3. Sanjeev - May 29, 2006

Mr chella,

Your argument is a great support for anti-reservation campainists..For example You have noted that “The HC had found that “AIIMS students, who had secured as low as 14% or 19% or 22% in the (all-India) entrance examination got admission to PG courses while SC or ST candidates could not secure admission in their 15% or 7% quota in PG courses, in spite of having obtained marks far higher than the in-house candidates of the institute.” HC had analysed admission data over five years”

This proves that if that SC student has taken up the exam in general category he WOULD HAVE MADE it through….Thanks so much for the statistics….This goes to prove that the students who took the exam under SC quota would have fared much BETTER in the general categoty….This shows 2 points:

1. The SC students under consideration were equal or better than the General merit students and HENCE these SC student cud have competed in the general quota with much better results!!!
2. The background of these SC students…whats their income level, the type of education that they received. Are they urbanites where there is minimum or no social discrimination….So is the reservation reaching the really needy and poor SCs?

4. nobody - July 12, 2006

hi Chella,

You don’t live in INDIA, and u enjoy ur life in abudhabi and throw ur f****** stuff on people,

I think u remember one quote regarding “dog tile”.


5. Dharamraj - July 26, 2006

The SC and ST should be considered eqully as the general people and the admission should be on the merit basis so that no one is restricted from an admission in any of the professional colleges.

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