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A survey has found that at least 64 per cent people back reservations May 21, 2006

Posted by chella in Reservation.

NDTV Correspondent

Sunday, May 21, 2006 (New Delhi):

A survey has found that at least 64 per cent people back reservations for OBCs in colleges and the private sector.

The poll by NDTV-MODE comes as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh completes his second year in office on Monday.

The full survey to be broadcast on NDTV shows that the call for reservation will increase support for Singh's government and his Congress party.

At the same time 57 per cent people said reservation was a political gimmick to win votes and 37 per cent disagreed.

Separately, 70 per cent of participants in the poll said Congress party's Rahul Gandhi should join the government and 23 per cent opposed the idea.

The survey over the past five days involved 4000 people in 15 states and Union Territories.



1. Srinivas - June 12, 2006

Look at the number of people in the survey and you will know the foolishness of the above percentage !!!!

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